Why Gabe Jordan?

Gabe Jordan Custom Clothiers

Competitors (Department stores)

Will fit perfectly at no additional cost

Since we take 20 measurements, our garments are crafted specifically for your body!

Choose upwards of 1000+ fabrics

We offer over 1000 different fabrics of all different colors, patterns, and various textures like linen, cotton, and even cashmere!

Customize lapel, lining, buttons, and so much more

Almost every aspect of your suit is customizable from the lapel, lining, buttons, jacket type, button type, and the list goes on! It truly is a suit made just for you!

Higher quality fabrics (Our base wool is Super 110’s to Super 150’s)

Every season we import very fine fabrics from mills across the world! We hold ourselves to higher standards than most clothing companies, so we only carry high-quality base fabrics. 

Hand Sewn by Tailors

Each and every garment is sewn by a living human who understands how clothing should fit! Our garments are 50% hand-stitched (hand sewn) and 50% machine stitched! (sewing machine) 

Valet Service

When you shop Gabe Jordan, you leave with an experience! We come to you when and where you need, making it super convenient to start building your wardrobe!

We cover the first rounds of alterations

In the rare case that the garment arrives and is not the fit you desire, we will cover the first round of alterations free of charge! We want to make before we depart that you are 100% satisfied with your garments.

Spend additional money for tailoring

Typically when you purchase a garment, it is uncut meaning the sleeves and pant length is made extra long and requiring tailoring. On top of the shortening the garment, it will most likely need to be tapered as well which incurs additional expense.

Choose between 10-20 fabrics in your size

Most department stores will only have a handful of colors and patterns to chose from. Furthermore, it will be rare to find other textures like linen in your size as well.

Stuck with default lapel, lining, buttons etc.

You have to settle for the default lining, lapel, etc. that the department store garment has. 

Very basic fabrics and synthetic fabrics (Super 80’s wool, Polyester, Rayon) 

The fabrics from department stores are usually mass-produced and bought in bulk to drive down the cost of the garment. These fabrics are usually very inexpensive and dull.

Made on an assembly line with computers

Department stores garments are mass-produced, usually being made with a click of a button, involving little to none human involvement. Computers do everything from cutting of the fabric to stitching.

Time is wasted driving and visiting multiple stores

When off-the-rack suit shopping, you’ll tend to visit multiple stores to see the inventory. That is a very timely activity to do with no guarantee that you’ll find something that you like.

Charged every round of alterations

There is no guarantee that your garment will fit properly after being altered by a department store tailor. Then, you’ll be stuck fronting the bill and altering a garment round after round.