How It Works


Step 1: Wardrobe Consultation

We are with you from start to finish because we want to ensure you have custom clothing that makes you look and feel amazing. If there’s something that needs to be fixed, you can trust that we will take care of it!

We offer a luxury valet system where we visit the client for the wardrobe consultation. This means we will meet you when and where you feel the most comfortable, whether it is your home, office, or another location. We will also be happy to schedule the consultation day or night based around your schedule.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate wardrobe. When you walk into your closet on a daily basis, we want you to have confidence that you have the right clothing for the occasion and are looking your best.

We will ask you what you do, who you meet with throughout the week, and what functions you attend on a regular basis. This will help us learn more about your needs so we can make better recommendations on what you need.

We are also going to ask about the professional clothing you already own. We are only going to make recommendations. You are the one who ultimately decides what you want.

Allow us to expand your fashion horizons. Let us help you step out of the box with more fashionable options for all that you do and all of the events that you attend. Being sharp-dressed is important and our tailors are here to help you every step of the way. Let us define your style so you can let your personality and your desire for the finest clothing shine through in harmony.


step 2: Fabric Selection

At Gabe Jordan Custom Clothiers, enjoy a variety of lines based upon your budget. We will never sacrifice quality for customization, so it all comes down to the fabrics that you want your garments crafted from as well as what your budget is for the custom garments that you desire to add to your wardrobe.

You will be able to customize based on fabric choices, style and embellishments, and much more. Our tailors are passionate about what they do and can guide you through the selections, regardless of what line you choose to shop from.

We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and we will discuss the options in greater detail so that you understand what your garments can be crafted from. We look forward to meeting with you in person during the consultation phase of designing your custom garments.


During the measurement process, we will measure you in a number of different ways. We do this as a way of guaranteeing perfection. As such, the process is tedious and may appear redundant, but we promise you will love the final result. Perfection has a price and it’s one that’s worth it!

There are approximately 20 measurements taken, which includes many of the most common, such as lengths, widths, and circumferences. We’re also going to look at posture and other details. If you tend to slouch, we are going to take this into consideration in the way we take the measurements. We are also going to look at the shape of your body parts so that we can account for these within the design. It’s not something that all tailors do and it’s just another reason to choose Gabe Jordan Custom Clothiers.

All of the subtleties allow the master tailors to interpret the numbers as they do best in order to build a pattern that is uniquely tailored to you. All of the things you hate about department store suits in terms of how they fit you and how they prevent you from moving fluidly will be gone when you step into one of our suits (or any other garment we create for you).

All of our tailors are trained by us to ensure they adhere to our standards. The best part of the measurement process is that we are able to create high-end, custom clothing for anyone, regardless of body type. It’s time you get a great fitting suit and we are here for you!



Every theme is meticulously woven, and our suits scream excellence, which can boost your confidence whenever you step into one of the suits that you get from us.

We want you to know that it is more than just a pattern that creates your garment. It’s a combination of our talent, our experience, and the great fabrics. It all begins when we take your measurements and pay attention to the little details that make you unique.

Timeless traditions and superior material go into the creation of every garment. Everything that we have already collected from you goes into the design. Everything that you have selected, from the material to the design to the various details regarding pocket placement, lapel width, the number of buttons on your sports jacket, and everything else is brought to life within the designs.

Everything is created in order to provide you with a natural fit, unlike any other experience. We want to bring a smile to your face when you try on the garments that we have created for you, and we have a strong reputation for bringing smiles to our clients’ faces.

All of our tailors have been rigorously trained, and they are passionate about style, materials, and clothing in general. This passion is evident in all that we create, and it sets us apart from the competition to ensure that our clients are some of the best-dressed men and women in the world.

As we developed our company, we aimed to create a unique experience so that custom clothing was easier to obtain, and at a great value. It led us to creating this process where our resources are used more efficiently. We took cues from modern technology as well as trends within the industry. We looked at other companies outside of the fashion industry as well, those who provide customization in order to give more to their clients – and we have borrowed from these companies to become the company we are today.

The creation of our garments is not something that we take lightly. We put a significant amount of effort into the creation process and focus on every detail to ensure we are providing you with the best of the best.

We cannot wait to show you what we are capable of creating so that you can add something that is customized and represents your personality into your wardrobe.


The final product takes approximately 2-3 weeks to produce. Once we have the finished garment in our hands, we schedule a final fitting. This is your opportunity to try on the masterpiece that we have created for you. Everyone has preferences on fit, and we understand that better than anyone. The final fitting allows for us to identify your preferences and make sure that they are accommodated.

During the final fitting, we want to ensure that all of your goals in the fitting have been accomplished and that you have a flattering fit for your build. The first round of changes are on us, so go ahead and move around in the garments to ensure that you are comfortable and that you like the way that it fits.

The tailor is going to fit them to your specifications, and we come to you. It’s part of our luxurious valet service to ensure that is convenient for you. You don’t have to make separate trips back and forth to see us – we will always come to you.

One thing you will find about us is that we never sacrifice quality. It takes 2-3  weeks on average to produce and we find that this time is critical to ensure that every detail has been considered.

When you look good, it makes Gabe Jordan Custom Clothiers look good, too. A significant amount of our business comes from word-of-mouth. As people compliment you on your custom garments, we want you to tell them where you shopped, and that you enjoy every aspect of the experience.

Once you have the final fitting, you will be able to enjoy your custom clothing that much more because you can be confident that the fit is 100% accurate.


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