How To Buy

1: Schedule an appointment and have a Gabe Jordan representative come to you!

This is our preferred method for purchasing Gabe Jordan garments because not only are we able to deliver our top-notch quality products, we are also able to give our exceptional service as well. We offer a valet service means we will come to you, whether it be day or night and walk you through the Gabe Jordan process which includes a: wardrobe consultation, fabric selection, extensive measurements to get the perfect fit and a final fitting once the garment is finished.

We currently service:

  • Tallahassee, FL
2: Visit an authorized Gabe Jordan tailor shop, get your measurements taken professionally and order online (COMING SOON)

If there isn’t a Gabe Jordan representative in your area, don’t fret, we have other alternatives to get you your Gabe Jordan garments. We partner up with local tailors all across the nation and teach them how to take our measurements so you can rest assured your measurements are professionally taken. They’ll input your measurements and information into our website and create an account for you, so when you arrive back home, everything will be waiting for you! Just customize your garments, pay and you’re all set.

3: Take your own measurements at home and order online (COMING SOON)

If there aren’t any Gabe Jordan representatives OR authorized Gabe Jordan tailors in your area, you are able to take your measurements at the convenience of your home. We give pictures and videos to simplify our process as much as possible. However, if you have options 1 or 2 available, we’d recommend you use option 3 as a last resort to reduce the chance of an error. We want you to have a perfect experience here at Gabe Jordan.