Custom Suit: starting at $399

Custom Dress Pants: starting at $125

Custom Jacket: starting at $299

Custom Dress Shirts: starting at $89

Custom Vest: starting at $99

Custom Overcoat: starting at $399

Interview Bundle: $599+

A 3-piece suit (suit and vest) and 2 dress shirts.

Associate Bundle: $999+

Two 3-piece suits (suit and vest) and 4 dress shirts.

Executive Bundle: $1399+

Three 3-piece suits (suit and vest) and 6 dress shirts.

Commuter Bundle: $899+

5 dress shirts, 5 pairs of dress pants, and 5 vests.

Custom Bundles

If you are interested in a custom sized bundle, we are able to accommodate a specialized bundle, made just for you.


At Gabe Jordan Custom Clothiers, our goal is to provide you with amazing, customized to garments at the best prices. You have the ability to look your best without spending a fortune.

The price that you pay for the garments is going to depend greatly on the fabrics that you choose. We have various tiers to ensure that you are able to get custom suits, sports jackets, dress shirts, and more at a price that you can afford.

Ultimately, it comes down to higher quality fabrics resulting in higher pricing for the garments, and this is simply the nature of the beast. Various cottons and linens are going to be more affordable than certain types of wool and silk, and then you will have your English flannels and tweeds being higher than those.

We will be happy to guide you through the various fabrics to ensure that you are creating something that you can actually afford.

We offer a wide range of collections, and this gives you a starting point to know what the cost is going to be for a two-piece suit, as well as for the individual garments that you may want, such as a dress shirt or a vest. From there, the price can go up based upon the additional materials used, buttons, and various other details.

Beautiful designs and rich aesthetics are going to be present in all the designs, regardless of what fabric you choose. This is our commitment to excellence, and you will not have to worry about overall quality in anything that you choose from us.

What we can tell you is that all of our garments are designed by highly trained tailors who understand and who are passionate about fashion. Our collections are also designed to be worn together, making it simpler for you to get dressed for the day or for any special event.

The best option is to schedule a consultation so that we can begin talking to you about the many fabrics that we have to offer and what the price options are within the different fabrics and garments that you may want crafted.