Gallery & Testimonials


“My Gabe Jordan garments are the comfiest pieces of dress clothing that I own! The entire process was super easy and tailored around me and felt like a personable and memorable experience.”

Maikol Brito / Blizzard

“What impressed me the most was being walked through the Gabe Jordan process. Each and every step along the way my Gabe Jordan Stylist was able to answer many of the different questions that I had and was able to educate me on many different aspects of fashion. All in all, it was an educating and personalized experience and in the end I got a luxurious looking suit for cheaper than certain department stores.”

Nick Porraro / University of Florida

“My favorite part was being able to choose between one of hundreds of different fabrics and being able to customize my suit. I’m super picky so this works well for me” – Grant

“Honestly think Gabe Jordan is the best bang for your buck! Where else can you get a high-quality custom suit that is very in-depth in terms of customization and is in your hands in under 3 weeks? You can’t!” – Chad

Grant & Chad Husted / University of Florida